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EpsilonPi is an advanced IoT platform born to be the core of scientific instrumentation
Powerful, by a fast Ethernet interface and dedicated software libraries
Reliable, with the wedding between RaspberryPi® and a (dsPic®)DSP-based controller with real-time performances
Flexible, thanks to task-specific companion cards

EpsilonPi is organized as a modular network of microcomputers addressed and programmed over Ethernet by a command-based software interface.
Issued commands are managed and serially forwarded to a DSP-based controller directly interfaced to task-specific companion boards and capable to perfom feedback control loops.
Our architecture is the result of a nice team-work with researchers of the Italian National Research Council.

End-point cards feature sophisticated fast analogto-digital, digital-to-analog converters, digital input-output, servo controllers, waveform generators, analog multiplexing, sensor drivers, trigger boards and much more. Custom taskspecific boards can be further added to fit specific requirements.

EpsilonPi is accessed over the Ethernet using ZeroMQ, probably the most powerful communication protocol
available today (http://zeromq.org). User transparent, fast low-level data and command interfaces automatically address the received commands to the DSP side, also providing accurate data transfers.

-   Quartz Crystal Microbalance [...more]
-   Optical Tweezers
-   Atomic Force Microscopy controller
-   Trans-epithelial cell membrane reader
-   Calcium analyzer
-   Plus a series of other applications where EpsilonPi
was integrated as a flexible brick.


-  Extending a Raspberry Pi ® Mini PC with Real-time Capabilities for Advanced Atomic  Force Microscopy Applications [PDF]
-  A Quartz Crystal Microbalance Based on a dsPIC® [PDF]
-  Download EpsilonPI Brochure [PDF]

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